ARchi VR Content Creation

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Augmented Reality Content for ARchi VR

User-generated Content

ARchi VR allows any user to capture rooms, add virtual items, and share the finished space. See the How to Capture Rooms and the How to Augment Spaces guides for more details. The user-generated Elements available in captured and augmented spaces are documented in ARchi VR Elements.

Curated Content

ARchi VR supports four types of app extensions to provide curated AR content:

Catalog, Service, Workflow, and Curation extensions can be provided by third parties as custom expansions for end-users of ARchi VR. See ARchi VR Extensions for more details.

In opposite to user-generated content, curated content is provided by an organisation (e.g. a company or an association). Curated content needs to be registered with ARchi VR by the corresponding organisation. Please contact to request registration and publication of curated content.

Create Content for ARchi VR

Declarative AR

ARchi VR app extensions are technically based on declarative AR specifications. Instead of using a programming or scripting language to algorithmically describe HOW an extension should work, the decalarative approach focuses on specifying WHAT should be done with which object. The declarations of ARchi VR app extensions are stored in JSON data structures and do not include conventional program code.

The following example Action specifies WHAT tasks should be executed on WHAT item:

{ "items" : [ { "type" : "Geometry", "subtype" : "Box", "id" : "", "assetMeta" : "color:#FF0000; wxdxh: 0.5x0.9x0.5;" } ], "tasks" : [ { "do" : "add", "id" : "", "ahead" : "0.0 0.0 -1.0" }, { "do" : "remove", "id" : "", "in" : "5.0" } ] }

You can read this declaration as:


In order to create curated content, please study the documentation on:

Sample Code

Browse through examples of extensions with their corresponding JSON data resources and all referenced media files. Use the examples as templates for your own content creation.

Develop App Extensions and Curated AR Content

ARchi VR supports an additional app extension for developing curated AR content:

If you want to start creating AR content, request a free Developer extension.

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